Development engineering method Cost reduction in development, product launch and guarantee

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The aim is to succeed in launching the products, reducing the development and production costs and guaranteeing the new products.

The method is universal and well-tried and particularly effective in the development of software and electronic products.

How do the phases run? Do they need back-up software? - Managing the new versions and their compatability, and also the phasing out of former products.

Make the method lasting within the business: tool choice and settings: ECM/ PDM, evolving towards PLM (Product Life Management)

To avoid surprises, product returns, and taking on extra staff, a new product launch has to involve:
- Everyone at all levels
- in phase with one another.

6 phases method

  1. CO > Creation Objective
  3. DE ...
  4. EPS
  5. GNG Go/No-Go
  6. PPV Pilot Production to mass production

Phase sample (2nd) :


- R&D:

  • Product composition, options
  • Recommendations for HW/SW for components
  • Risks and back up plans for components
  • Matrix of the existing components
  • Existing systems (OS) and software modules
  • ....
  • Traceability matrix for components and compatability of the upgrades
  • Upgrade of the existing versions
  • Budget and date for the DE phase

- Support :

  • Description of SW support tools
  • Descripton of the distance control tools, telephone answers and distance pre-analysis
  • ....
  • Guarantee, cost and tariff plan
  • Pre-contracts, welcome packs
  • Guarantee strategies by sales channel

Installation of method and tools, structuring

- Document models by organisation at each stage
- management of types and revisions
- workflow validation management (Workflow) : liste of people who decide at each step of the process
- help in choice of tools, including Open Source software.