Ensuring traceability authenticity of products and bodies with smartphone

and Rfid wristbands

The aim is to identify a person, or a precious object, on entering a service, place, to record by his smartphone his identity or description, his origin and immediate date of entry on an electronic card (RFID) : an attached bracelet, then on leaving, check that the signature on the card is authentic before recording his immediate date of exit from the place.

Both recordings are recorded in a daily history file transmitted to our third party server with an imprint that guarantees that the body - identity association has not been falsified since its creation. The histories can then be integrated and used in an Excel file.

Context of the solution for traceability and authentication of the identity of a body or object :
There is a high risk of mixing up the identity of the bodies of deceased persons in the morgue when the bodies are changed from one drawer to another by an involuntary manoeuvre.
Authentication of the bodies is carried out at the entrance and must be ensured until the exit, regardless of the personnel in place.

In addition, there is also a risk of usurpation and voluntary change of identity in some cases.
We were asked to find a traceability solution with a mobile means.

Benefits of the solution

Certificats d'authentification et chaine de confiance
Authentication certificates and chain of trust
The chain of trust allows to authenticate the object to be traced

Anti-piracy authentications

  • by identifier and encrypted fingerprints, certificates between entry and exit, in secure inter-company/institution transfers, date/time data collected and transferred have no opportunity to be altered thanks to encryption and our certificate repository as a trusted third party ;
  • protection against rewriting on non-validated tags on exit (on recyclables),
  • with disposable RFID wristbands for single use : physical ’void’ device to control non-change, detachment from the object, from the body, no personal data,
  • of the application : protected by a password ; can be modified on request once a year, thus eliminating access to personnel who have left the establishment with a terminal with the application installed,
  • Revocation by simply uninstalling the authenticated application,
  • of the Productivix file server : protected by another password, certificate of the domain
    Les principes et atouts de notre chaine de confiance
    Le principe de l’authentification de la traçabilité par Productivix


  • where the certificates are stored : printed label with digital imprint : no falsification easily possible
  • body and identity transfers from one place equipped with our solution to another place equipped with our solution.

Simplicity of installation of the mobile authentication solution

  • from a single smartphone with NFC ,
  • no network required except smartphone data,
  • no server on site,
  • disposable RFID wristbands with proof of tearing and therefore change of purpose of the object / person.

Simplicity of use

  • very few consumables : recyclable or disposable wristbands,
  • label per repositionable storage location, direct thermal.


  • Hospitals : death chamber
  • Small town mortuaries, bush mortuaries,
  • any place where goods are stored with the need for proof and authentication.

Context and minimum material to be provided by the customer

  • Recyclable or disposable NFC tags (application specific) with 100 memory characters, i.e. the necessary for patient / object identity, origin, entry date, exit.
  • An Android smartphone with NFC, camera, Wifi and network : 2/3 G + data on each smartphone - (at minimum : Wifi, camera and NFC).
  • or otherwise : wifi terminal, non-permanent, low data consumption,
  • Printer : optional, but in ZPL mode, works via Bluetooth in direct network Ethernet with each smartphone, or wifi for sharing

possible light infrastructures : we supply

  • we can develop a webpage to retrieve via internet your daily history files with their digital fingerprint generated by our software from the smartphone with each file : if we load the history file and its fingerprint from our server : we can check with free software available on the market that the fingerprint corresponds to that of the file, which proves that the file has not been altered.
    1 Login per SIRET and password, file conservation 3 months on the server.

List of sold products-services making up the solution

  • Mobile authentication and authenticator tracking application, annual licence, by Siret + annual Internet access to the core infrastructure of your authentic data, including minor support and updates.
  • Identifiers with NFC chip : disposable void or recyclable wristbands (watch type), or recyclable yellow wristbands attached with 3.6 x 300 colson (not supplied), in batches of 100,200,500, 1000 identified with mention of our company (see images in the portfolio), option to your logo from 2000 units and on quotation,
  • 1 printer (optional) recommended for storage place label : in ZPL (Bixolon, Zebra), normal or "health" version (for Hospitals),
  • Consumables : direct thermal labels, repositionable or not, washable or not,
  • optional service contract on printer (outside Africa),
  • Terminal (optional) with NFC, at least Wifi + imager (as it works on a smartphone with low speed and scans), choice on the pages : Nos logiciels mobiles et les hardwares
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