Line improvement with LEAN example

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Application of LEAN tools: VSM (Value Stream Mapping), One-Piece-Flow, Cellular Manufacturing, Standardized Work, Takt-Time : balancing of capacity, Kanban, visual management

Fast: Analysis and summary in two days in this case.

Summary of case presented:
Manufacturing production operations in textiles, electricity and mechanics in low production output products, seasonal, with many varying options. The lines are regrouped by similar products and the output is not materialised by number of pieces per day.

Process simplifié de fabrication avant

An extract of the analysis method and advise given:

Diagram of current flows Identification of bottlenecks and capacities Mass production plan, measures and diagrams by VSM
Measures of capacity Ranges by type of product, product mix, teams of people Identification measures, standardisations, calculation of Takt-time
Forecast of future flows Identify the major areas and flows Ideal plans
Calculate true OEE True performance level Standardise times
Introduce Kanban Reduction of stock and adjusting lines Hands on training
Recommendations Improvement in 15 points of OEE Detailed action plan

Detailed method used in this experiment

Results 1 year after :

the line has been modified according to our recommendations and performance is achieved.
The total cycle time has been reduced drastically.

Customer testimony :

Philippe COQUET - Director said Juy 8 2012 :
"William is a consultant in industrial organization with pragmatism who has developped a simple solution in our factory (130 people) : bind 2 workshop on 2 different levels in a continuous flow (Lean approch). Simple and efficiant."