Daily Management for shop floor team leaders On-hand training

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Your managers who work closely with the operators (team leaders, shop floor leaders) do not quite perform to the level that your business expects of them

Being very technically minded and too involved and loyal, they do not know how to position themselves between the management and the workers. They create problems instead of solving them. They do not know how to break down the objectives and put them in to action in simple, daily management.

Give them the practical tools to make it easier for your shopfloor workers to understand.

At the end, more:
- motivation
- involvement
- time.

OEE does not allow proactive management of performance on an hourly or daily basis

This training answers the following questions:

- How to achieve an OEE close to 100%?
- How to motive a production team systematically on a daily basis?
- How to make a team progress in its daily results:

  • Safety
  • Maintenance,
  • Quality,
  • Lead time
  • Cost?

- How to allow staff to anticipate and to react?
- How to put in place an MES in a userfriendly way?

Businesses and sectors concerned:

Any production, process or assembly industry

Target audience:

- Team leaders
- Shop floor leaders


Put the method in place and assist with its installation:

  • Simplify production file / manufacturing / follow up sheet
  • introduce self control
  • Structured debriefing meeting
  • Structured inspections
  • management objectives declined
  • proactive indicators at workstations, hourly check
  • results indicators for the island each day, each week, each month

Hands on training:

- Bespoke training with follow up for your case: 20% theory, 80% action
- Ask for a pre-visit to the factory a description of the processes and meet the trainers.


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