Reorganization et optimization logistic plateform service

creation and automation of a picking centre, re-introduction to the market, reconverting sites, regrouping sites, design of Information System

This service answers the following concerns:

 Reduction of storage costs and oustourced picking costs
 Re-using a former production site
 Reducing space needed and the costs: how and priorities
 Revise flow, optimise the production process by reducing the time cycles for treating orders,
 Guarantee the competitiveness of the site and its profitability by putting in place an organisation adapted to the specific constraints of the company and the market.
 Know the best automation tools on the market
 Rationalise the production costs guaranteeing efficient management of the supply cycle - storage - manufacturing - delivery.

Possible results:

 Gains in staff and in required surface area,
 Reintroduction to the market, or reconversion of an industrial site,
 Gains in subcontracting,
 Reduction in stock levels
 Installation of dynamic slotting and picking: accelerators of logistic efficiency.

Major stages in the construction of the warehouse:

 definition of the need
 application of the regulations
 adapting of the site
 design of the building
 security and equipment

Running information:

 securing and making safe industrial areas that have been shut down (energy and liquid networks, pollution and fire risks, surveillance),
 evaluation of the state buildings, then of deconstruction and/or removal budgets
 diagnostic and valuation of the flow
 study of customer stock, cover, rotation

 study of the integration of a bar code picking solution, Voice picking, PDA, and warehouse management by WMS (Warehouse Management System) by RF terminals to meet production of 120 to 130 lines per day per person, study of the replenishment of stocks and supplies
 simulation and optimisation of work stations
 better productivity research
 analysis of modifications to ERP, WMS, Web technology and EAI, middleware and suppliers’ offers to tender for solutions
 study of stock transfer to a new site and reduce breaks in supply
 project manager’s position complete, write up specification manual and offer to tender, follow up supplier offers, planning, work with the architect, drive the studies and works on site.

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