Scanning of item consumption on order,by QRCode or OCR inter system link

Stock management on Dolibarr - Business orders management

You have a business management application that is essential and must be kept for your activity and you wish to have an inventory management of parts or raw materials, such as the ERP Dolibarr (Open source, that we can host) with the management of purchases and stock by barcode.

Our mobile application makes the link between the management of the order by OCR or QRcode reading and the management of stocks and purchases by barcode.

Principle of our custom mobile consumer application

Our mobile scanning application will allow you to consume the items or products on an order. You manage your quotes, orders, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on your favorite system and print your orders. You make your purchases and stock management with another management system such as Dolibarr (we have also realized other scanning and printing applications on this ERP : Data entry, mobile printing, stock management on hosted ERP DOLIBARR).

Consumption are made in Dolibarr by our application that allows you to read by OCR (character recognition) or QRCode the order number, and read by barcode scanned items, parts to consume or to leave stock for production or shipment.

Functions of the mobile application of consumption on order

  • login on Dolibarr by API key or login,
  • import locations / warehouses, items and Dolibarr descriptions by reference or barcode number,
  • manual or OCR entry ro QR Code scan of the order,
  • option: 1 item scan = consumption of 1, or consumption per item scan + quantity + validation
  • scan or manual entry of the consumption location,
  • scan or manual entry of the article, obtaining its designation, possible complement of an empty designation, entry of the quantity according to the chosen option and validation which consumes on order,
  • multilingual: French, English, German
  • Consumption feedback by item and location with login and order reference.

For that we must activate API and configure appropriate rights (works well from Dolibarr version 11.0.3) in Dolibarr.
For QR Code on orders, a module from the software company ATOO is mandatory.

Drawing explaning the ocr link between 2 management systems with our mobile app
Drawing explaning the ocr link between 2 management systems with our mobile app
Drawing explaning the ocr link between 2 management systems with our mobile app

Works on smartphone with camera or hardened terminal that can be sold with.

Below in portfolio, some screenshots of our application.

Restriction on Android mobile devices : the application using OCR needs "GMS" (Google Mobile Services, globally Google Play). So any device without this access will not be able to activate OCR.

Other customized solutions
Other application for stock management only on mobile Android with OCR scanning : Android app for receiving or picking orders by location

Based on this "custom-built consumption module", interfaces to several other computer systems can be custom-designed; please read the page Complete your sales management system for production before making the request and answering our questions.
Other options :

  • scan with DLC /DLUO
  • possibility to create a new article by scanning its reference and entering its designation;

ask to test this app !

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