Geolocation application of the parcel drop-off point - csv record

You deliver parcels without signature?
Bring to the customer the proof of the place and date of deposit of your parcels: record at each deposit and parcel the GPS position of the delivery and send it on demand to your customer.
Suitable for multiple Android smartphones or tablets or professional terminals with integrated imager

A mobile application for recording the location at the parcel depot offers many advantages:

  • Traceability: The app tracks the location of the package upon delivery and its date and time, providing traceability.
  • Transparency: Users can verify the exact location of their parcel, which improves transparency and reduces delivery uncertainty.
  • Time savings: Users can search more quickly based on its location at the depot, saving time and avoiding unnecessary waits.
  • Accuracy: The application provides accurate information about the location of the package, eliminating guesswork and rough estimates.
  • Enhanced customer service: The app allows users to easily contact customer service with any problems or questions, providing fast and personalized support.
  • Security: The application provides an additional layer of security by recording the location of the package at the time of drop-off, allowing for better management of lost or stolen items.
  • Route optimization: Delivery companies can reuse the recorded location data to optimize their delivery routes, reducing costs and time for similar deliveries.
  • Power saving: The application is configured to record the location of the package at the time of drop-off, helping to save users’ batteries.
  • Reduce errors: By recording the location at the time of drop-off, the application reduces human errors associated with manual entry of tracking information.
  • Collaboration: The various parties involved in the delivery process, such as carriers, warehouses and recipients, can access the location information generated by the application, facilitating collaboration and communication.
  • Reduced disputes: By providing tangible evidence of the package’s location, the application reduces potential delivery-related disputes.

Description of how to use this Android delivery driver app:

The driver simply enters his name and his route, without a password.
He stops to deliver 1 or more packages: he presses a button that records the GPS position of his stop, whether he is outside or inside a building.

He scans the barcodes of the labels of each parcel by pressing the camera image and the parcel is added to the list of the stop. He finishes his delivery and exits his stop on the app.

He continues his deliveries and can consult his delivery history.
When returning to the depot, he exports his records in a csv file with a unique identifier: thus, the records of several rounds can be stored without mixing or overwriting each other.

It is not necessary to use a SIM card to make it work.

App as part of a supply chain application: other functions can complement this module: see common features Range of supply-chain barcode traceability apps for camera scan or imager

 license required per terminal per year: user can try 30 days with limited functionality,

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