Analysis and efficiency

We apply our methods to our own LEAN projects

How long does the analysis take?
What is found out in the analysis?

Our analyses are quick and efficient.

We are used to working in several sites, activity sectors and business models and below we give you and idea of the necessary timings and lead times.

For the timing: it is important to point out:
 the time you spend,
 the time we spend both on your site and in our offices (studying documents and writing up),
 the time period over which it will be run: from the order to the final report.

For example, analysis of a production line, product receipt / shipping, order preparationg, or an information system will take approximately:
 for you, one day of preparation and one to two days with us,
 two to three days on site, including report, for us,
 two to three weeks to achieve the final result, depending on both your workload and ours.

For a strategic analysis, depending on the size of the company, it will take:
 for you, two to three days of preparation and five to eight days with us,
 five to eight days on site, including report,
 two to three months to achieve the final result, depending on both your workload and ours.

For the results, you will find:
 short and medium term actions (under a week to 2 months)
 actions to be carried out by you in 80% of cases,
 long term ideas (3 years): for example, different business model,
 investment levels and calculated justifications, if the data is available. Most of the time, investments are offered with very staggered levels.

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