Service rate under control, increased by 30 points: example of a consultancy assignment

with simples advices !

A water-based printing technology on plastic film but problems with the stability of the settings, added communication and evaluation of the load occupied and sold to the salesman generated variations in the delivery timing: let’s see how our technical and methodological advice helped to improve the situation.

Company description and situation before our consulting mission }

Plastic packaging printing and converting company with 100 employees and a turnover of 10 M€ specialising in bags, covers, sleeves, envelopes, mailers, with a credo: ecological printing with water!

A major commercial charge and an attraction for the product led to increased sales, but also to problems: delivery was only half on time.

Methods of production organisation used:

Indicateur de stabilisation du taux de service

The problem was after thorough diagnosis, complex, stemming from communication, lack of precise estimation for each order of the time and sequence of the numerous operations to be carried out and also from the technique of rapid setting of the printing presses.

Our advice was accompanied by targeted training with a participative and collective method: we worked on job planning, the method and means of medium-term load planning (PIC: Consulting on return on investment for production machines) and short-term scheduling, but also on the method of rapid set-up and process control (called SMED: Accompagnement-action "SMED" Changement rapide de série ) on the presses.

For short-term planning and scheduling, we used a special visual manual schedule adapted to the trade, adapted and modifiable according to certain rules by the many operators at any time of the day and night, which occupies an entire room and which has still not found a replacement in the schedules of the many ERPs consulted.

Gains obtained with this advice in production organisation: Increase in 6 months of the service rate from 50 to 80% and is moreover stable.

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