Application for quick replenishment request by barcode scan and email

Save time and accuracy on your replenishment orders: scan, adjust quantities and email directly from your smartphone or a professional terminal. Not any mistake.

Replenishment : scan the barcode references, adjust the quantity per reference, send a csv file to your supplier in 1 button and/or keep the work in a dated csv export.
Quick scan with one button on the screen: real time image from the camera, or with the scan button of a professional terminal with integrated scanner

Can be used in retail stores, factories, medical, transportation. Can be used for inventory too.

Module being part of a supply-chain application : other functions can complement this module : see the common features Range of supply-chain barcode traceability apps for camera scan or imager

With the option "import items" in csv: you can display the description of each item code.

Future modules? a little patience! it will come: if you have particular and urgent requests in the spirit of this module: write us, we can change priorities!

 license needed per terminal and per year : the user can try 30 days with limited functionalities,

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