"5S" training for team autonomy

Training objectives :

instil in the production team an autonomy of daily problem management.

Description, principal contents
 Explanations and method in 10 phases to obtain the goal and the meaning of the "5S’s" :

  • SEIRI / SORTING : Get rid of everything that is not of use in the work place and its environment
  • SEITON /SET IN ORDER : Find a home for everything
  • SEISOU / SHINING : Obtain impeccable cleanlines in the workplace and maintain it
  • SEIKETSU / STANDARDISING : Define a "standard" from the results already established
  • SHITSUKE / SUSTAINING : Respect the established standards and continually review and improve

Expected benefits : The trainees have to be able to deploy the method in their sector of the business.

Tools offered :
Detailed description of the method in 100 page document, ready to print forms and results indicators

Who can take part, target audience
Operators, team and shop floor leaders, production managers

Pre-requisit : Working on a shopfloor

Duration 4 half days

Running schedule and conditions
 Visit the business
 Presentation of the intervention and its place in Kaizen and Lean
 Examples of results achieved
 5S and ERP / MES
 Breakdown of the intervention and presentation of the tools
 Elaboration of the rules of longevity
 Start to put to work at a work station in a pre-identified part of the factory
(Condensed contents)

Run by an engineer with more than 15 years experience in setting up these methods in factory floors.

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