Import-export module for article files in csv with type of traceability

A very comfortable option for the modules of supply or inventories, or even essential for the estimates: to have the list of the articles in stock for the supply-chain or the sales in order to see in clear the designation of the article code for example.
You can define the counting unit of each item freely.
You can also declare how you want to track these items in detail: by serial number, DLUO, Lot, ...

This module is useful and optional for the following modules:

  • replenishment by email / csv
  • order reception or shipment,
  • inventory

It is necessary for the following modules:

  • costed estimate

It also will allow traceability by DLUO (Use-by date), DLC (Use-by date), N/S (Serial number), N° of batch, if an article N° with variants in color, sizes, linked to an order, a delivery note ....

csv file must be in UTF-8 format.

Functionalities of the module of import cvs of the articles:

  • parameter setting of the character of separation of the fields of import and export in csv (usually ";" but is adjustable with another character like "/")
  • several fields in order: item code, name, place of storage, selling price, unit, type [NS,LOT,DLUO,DLC,VARCOUL,VARTAILLE]
  • sorting by article code
  • deletion of articles,
  • price with comma, ex : 15,5
  • export to csv of the remaining table.

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