Consulting on return on investment for production machines


Interest, objective (before purchasing the machine) :

  • to identify the sources of return on production investment : to have another external and expert view on the problem,
  • To prepare technical specifications for a call for tenders,
  • defend an investment request to a parent company, bank, shareholders.
  • What should be modified or installed in terms of management and production IT, automation, organisation ?

The return on investment (ROI) is a financial indicator that allows the return on an investment to be measured and compared.

Apart from the accounting process, which may seem simple, there are many technical, estimation and reasoning errors that lead to major calculation errors.

First of all, the estimates of gains and return on investment must be calculated without "daydreaming" and in good faith, and then the estimates of expenses must not be underestimated, such as the development time.

We, engineers and also managers, are experienced in the errors of these files and we will know how to question you as well on the technical, market, competitive and accounting aspects and to give you a disinterested return and estimate and independent from any supplier.

Companies and sectors concerned by return on investment advice :

  • all industrial and service companies,
  • Production, logistics, traceability, IT investment.

Results of the return on investment study of productive investment :

  • Report and presentation of the study
  • Return on investment curves.

Information on the operation of the return on investment study

  • pre-diagnosis by means of a support
  • on-site diagnosis, the client must provide the studies done and quotes, marketing, technical and financial
  • depending on the content of the client’s file, new studies can be ordered,
  • use of methods such as VA : value analysis
  • report and presentation meeting.

Warning on return on investment studies :
The client must undertake that he has not carried out any contracts prior to the request for a study, and that such a study should not be done under pressure.

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