Training Manufacturing and Sales Plan and MPS (Master Production Schedule)

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Essential training to be able to:
- Improve customer service rate / rate of on time deliveries
- Optimise production capacity, logistics or available service
- Understand the impact of strategical and tactical planning processes on performance of Production, Purchases and Customer Service.
- Know how to put in place an efficient process
- Learn how to establish forecasts
- Know how to establish and maintain a stable production plan under all circumstances.
- Know how to calculate how much can be sold.

This training answers the following questions:

- Do we deliver on time for at least 80% of our orders? (see "customer service rate" on this site)
- Do we have recurring capacity problems?
- How can we forecast the number of operators needed in a month?

Target businesses and sectors: Players in the Manufacturing and Sales Plan process.
- Managers in Production Services, Marketing and Purchasing.
- Managers from demand and Production Director Programme.
- For management of the business as well as on a type of batch production or in "MRP".
- Adaptations for service activities.

Implementation in your premises in 2 sessions:

Manufacturing and Sales plan in Excel:
- presentation and list of the different necessary and principal data: study of the possible sources, macro-range notion
- completion of the presented data and of the calculation structure
- adjusting the formulae
- integration of the different supplementary variables
- end of the calculation of needed hours and means (staff and machinery), and of the available capacity.

Setting up Manufacturing and Sales Plan
- Setting up the Manufacturing and Sales Plan table, link with the Production Plan
- Study of the constraints
- Objectives of each service: marketing, management, planning, production, HR
- Put in place
- Model of real operation

Possible adaptation and integration in the ERP
Depending on the tool installed in the business, help with setting up the ERP to integrate the functions of the Manufacturing and Sales Plan in the ERP.

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