Application for calculating the service rate and recording shipping dates

The unique Android app for Lean measure of your on time delivery

The calculation of the OTD (On-Time delivery =Rate of Service) is tedious and complex: a mobile application does it for you in real time and moreover you can recover the data entered to feed your ERP or Excel!

This smartphone application allows you to give real indicators and useful information to the Methods or to your production organization consultant to enable them to improve the company’s service performance.

It will help you to improve your organisation.

Extensions are possible!

The problem solved at shipping in supply -chain, factory by this Android app:

  1. Measure, quickly calculate at shipping the performance of the production or supply-chain
    Real-time shipment service rate measurement
    Mobile application for scanning the order and entering the customer’s departure promise: display of the day’s OTD value and performance indices.
  2. record the departure date at the barcode scan or character recognition (OCR) of the order and enter the promise
  3. display and measure with a simple smartphone / PDA under Android or a terminal with integrated barcode scanner
  4. Export raw data in csv (Excel)
scan of the order and parcel at shipment

The principle of the OTD measurement application

Each PDA (smartphone or ruggedized terminal) with our app measures a production line, or packaging line, independently. So a PDA with our application can measure the performance of a shop floor as it exits.

The operator scans the order and fills in the date when the start promise was made to the customer for this order.

If the user wants to go deeper into the OTD calculation formula and realize how difficult it is to have this measurement in real time, or even on a weekly basis, he can read the page dedicated to the subject: How to measure and enhance customer service level ?.

The results of the service rate are displayed:

  • in real time on the input screen on the current day
  • on another screen of the application by :
    • 7 rolling days from this day
    • by complete week: from Monday to Sunday
    • by complete months.

The data is permanently saved in the application memory of the terminal / PDA / Android smartphone.

The details of the service rate calculation functions

The scan date and time are those of the scan day: it is not possible to modify except delete the line entered on that day (not the next day).
If the order is divided into several shipments, each shipment counts as 1 different order finally, the promise date can be the same.

Multiple scanning functions suitable for terminal/PDA and purchase orders

We have integrated multiple ways to enter the purchase order #:

  • by virtual keyboard on screen, by double click (slow)
  • by barcode scan: direct by the button of the terminal hardened list compatible with KX-Mobile apps: barcode terminals and printers, by button that appears on the screen of smartphone with camera (slower).
  • by OCR: if the orders have the same format printed in header and well readable, we can practice character recognition depending on the Google services included and the quality of the camera of the device.

The date of customer promise is to be entered or chosen on a calendar on screen (fast).

Purchase order number N° in characters N° in barcode
Smartphone with camera and Google Play OCR slow scan by camera
Terminal with integrated scanner and Google Play / services OCR scan fast
Terminal with built-in scanner without Google Play / services Virtual Keyboard Input Quick Scan

More indicator to look for OTD improvements

One indicator is calculated from the entries The lead index, expressed in "YT" == day.order, which gives an indication of the lead (or lag) rate of your orders and can give you indications of failure resolution.

Other uses
You can also with this basic version note the service rate of orders from a particular supplier by terminal.

Imports and exports of data

In local mode by USB through the "Download" directory of the Android

  • Import : you want to take the data from another terminal, another solution and have everything on the terminal: an import is available (an export is to be done before and a data grouping under Excel is to be done manually) to replace your data. One order ref per day.
    Data without column titles.
    Dates: dd/mm/yy Time: HH:MN:SS
    File name deleted after import: otd_import.csv
    format: orders_Order; orders_datesend; orders_timesend; orders_datepromise
  • Export, purge Export in UTF-8, OTD between 0 and 100 (%), depending on the options chosen it is possible to :
    • export and purge the most distant past until a chosen date, for archiving
    • export all the raw or aggregated daily data (service rate and advance index per day).

Languages of the service rate measurement application

The order scanning and backlog/advance measurement application is available as standard in 2 languages at this time: English and French (switch by one button), its modular design allows to add languages easily like German.

Licence Android app for OTD measurement and its launch price

per SIRET, for 5 independent nominative terminals (1 change per year included), per year, including 1h of online consulting the first year: from 5€ per terminal per month. - launch price of the basic version, updates included - Startup costs in addition according to the acquired terminal: we can provide you terminals with scanner, ergonomically adapted and fast Sales and integration of rugged scaning terminals

Possible extensions:

Have you noticed that the results screen still has space? There is still some elsewhere! (the interface is very uncluttered by design): we are editor - developer of this professional application and listen to your requests to integrate them either for all or specifically for your case.

Demo version / trial / test : limits

The demo and test version is available on simple request (manual processing) following this form.
Its limitations are compared to the licensed version:

request of this software to test

You are :
You need:

The proposed documents are only sent to professionals in Europe.

Operating System target

Date of event, desired appointment (depending on availability), training course, etc. (jj/mm/aaaa)

Acceptance of the privacy policy

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