KANBAN method: flow management computer-less Formation -action

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Method used in Toyota’s "jidoka" automated Just In Time system

Interest, objective:
- Reduce stock in production
- Reduce admin
- Give responsability for priortiy management to the operators
- Manage and control a production flow without computers..

This training answers the following questions:

- How to start working solely in a pull system?
- Complete eradication at all levels of waste and overproduction
- How to produce advisedly
- And how to balance the production chain
- How to limit links between man and machine as far as possible
- How to find the real causes of breakdowns and to act so that they do not happen again in future

Target businesses and sectors: Any production, finished product assembly or piece work business

In mass production:
- By number of weak references and level of weak listing (5 max)
- By regular demand or slight variations;

Results: Set up and assist in installing the method

Hands-on training: training specific to your case with follow-up on the findings

Can this be included in the training budget? Yes