Android app for batch - container traceability by production station

The traceability of batch transfers into or from containers in the workshop at your fingertips, affordable by our professional Android application : the link between the workstation, the batch, the bin, the direction and the time.

The parts are placed or removed (direction) from bins at several times (time stamp) of the day, at several stations, or even if we distinguish the entry from the exit of a workstation : all these data allow in csv format (Excel) to trace the passage of a batch, a sub-batch and to know by the traceability downstream and upstream customers impacted by a defect discovered afterwards

Our simple and mobile tool, allows to store these data of batch transfers, MO (manufacturing orders), by barcode scans of MO and containers.

The regulatory issues, particularly for consumer safety and inventory management, have not ceased in recent years to require traceability of operations and products, as in the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, to name only the most emblematic of the concern for traceability. In these cases, to the traceability of operations is added the traceability of materials and products where we must be able to follow both a finished product throughout its production and the materials used in its production.

Before implementing a traceability software : how to prepare the traceability of MO (manufacturing order) by station ?

Before installing this software reconciliation of batches / MO and bins, it is necessary, in order to gain in precision and speed, label in barcode, Qr-code the two main things :

  • the cards of batches or MO : it should be noted that it is easier to insert the article code stuck to the batch code in this field in order to reduce data entry.
  • the bins or containers.

In both cases, we have productivity solutions for warehouses and workshops to offer you without major investments : Service impression d’étiquettes code-barre personnalisées, or printing software from fixed or mobile stations.

Use at any level of the supply chain and production : from raw materials to finished products, in handling.

For the stations : make a list in Excel of the codes of the stations to be traced : remember that the entry station and the exit station of a machine make 2 stations. This can be used by the import option of the items table linked to this app (Android application).

Acceptability by the teams
Make operators aware of their responsibilities : a computerized traceability project such as this, including production monitoring, begins with the involvement of the end users who will contribute to the system’s data supply. It is through this awareness and involvement of the field teams that the quality of the information provided throughout the process is ensured.
The desire to track personnel has been prevalent in industries with a high workforce density, with the more or less avowed objective of verifying that operators are respecting their work rates and not taking hidden rest periods outside of the scheduled breaks, and perhaps even to eliminate positions. It is important to explain that this is not the purpose of this application, even though any time stamping allows it !
Time stamping here allows the steps to be put back in order.

The advantage of the mobile tool in production :
Each station is not necessarily used all day and throughout the process, so if you have a number of operators less than the number of stations as defined above, it is more cost-effective to take a terminal per person more than one terminal per station.

Terminal with integrated scanner or smartphone with camera ?
Our applications include the 2 scanning modes : the speed and frequency of scanning of your process allows you to choose the most advantageous of the two Cost savings and acceptable barcode scanning speed with our camera software . Then the ergonomics of the terminal can also be determining.

How to use our mobile application ?

The seizure in our applications is very sought after in ergonomics and does without long explanations and manuals : the fingers and reflexes of the operator do the main thing, the software avoids errors, inconsistencies, duplicates and timestamps the seizures in storage and limits the number of buttons to press.

In a chosen station, once the MO is scanned, the application switches automatically between the input by scan of the number of containers, the quantities to be entered by hand and a button that defines the direction and the end of the cycle input : easy and fast !

At the end or change of shift, we save in a history.
This history is exported in a csv file with a unique name.

Each record of several terminals, once gathered in a single Excel table is unique, allowing a treatment of each without error.

Option : import of workstation table

The imported csv table of items allows you to have choices of items with well-defined nomenclatures and to make complete and comparable queries in analysis.

If you need a version with different functions, as designers-developers, we can create it for you. Different issues

Application being part of a range of supply-chain applications : other functions can complement this module : see the common features Gamme d’apps de traçabilité supply-chain code-barre par scanner intégré ou appareil photo

 license required per terminal and per year : the user can try 30 days with limited functionality,

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