FMECA: Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis

Training program on FMEA: fault analysis method

Interest, objective: Cost reduction in the following areas:

 running (of the line)
 line stops, after sales service / maintenance
 making good, or fines from a customer service process.

This product answers the following questions:

 improvement in new product design (pre-study and study phases): FMECA on product
 quicker and more efficient marketing and production (making it right from the outset): FMECA for process
 how to analyse a service process (and how to analyse the risks, for example paying to manage a customer’s stock)

Target businesses and sectors:
 Production / development,
 All services and industry businesses,

Results: Corrective and preventive measures are incorporated and checked:

Examples of results:

 PRODUCTIVIX helps to introduce a production line of electronic cards using LEAN methods: gains

 20% reduction in the design cost of a special machine

Can this be included in the training budget? Yes

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