Analysis of your external logistics and distribution costs

Interest, objective : identifaction of reductions and savings :
 in your outsourced distribution invoices
 in your stock
 in your movements
 in leadtimes
 in rejects.

This product answers the following questions :

 How can I improve my order profits and distribution preparation ?
 How can I have the same service at an identical cost ?
 How do I find a service provider or build an outsource contract ?
 How do I improve my adaptability in the supply chain ?
 How do I change service provider without risk ?
 How do I put in place performance indicators to improve and evaluate ?

Target businesses and sectors :

Any business that sub-contracts its logisitcs

Chaine de picking, préparation de commande: diagnostic performance
Picking line, order preparation: performance diagnosis

Results :
Identification of possible reductions :
 in storage costs
 in the cost of logistics : order preparation, picking, dispatch
 in leadtimes

Running information :

Analysis of the internal situation and with your logistics provider :

contract analysis, invoices, current process, analysis of stock and movement files, analytical crossings, advice on the ideal geographical position according to the journeys to be made.

Propositions for improving the process between you and your distributor :

packaging, ways of working, software interfaces and procedures, performance and service indicators, provision for all situations : reduction in risks and help with the negotiation of the contract, setting up contractual penalties for delays and poor quality, EDI and computer interfaces.

Weekly assistance possible during the changeover period.

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