VSM : Value Stream Mapping Method

Interest, objective : Map of production flow and logistics

Reduction :
 of the quantities launched per production order
 of your stocks
 of your movements and logistics costs
 of lead times and delays
 of the supply chain and production time cycle.

Model, image :

Schéma cartographie des flux de production (VSM): conseil
Workflow Mapping Scheme (VSM): advice

 of your production line flow
 of the current flow of merchandise and information internally or between your production sites, between national or international warehouses,
 of a future set up of these establishments, or following an envisaged moved, before the decision
 of the blocking or bottleneck points

Target businesses and sectors :

Any production or logistics business

Results :

 proposition balancing the production line, workshop
 identification of necessary areas of improvement
 target the depots to have the biggest lasting impact
 proposition of an organisation target, either in "pull" or "push" flow ?
 understanding of the interactions between material flow and information flow
 visualising global rather than one off improvements and share this common vision with the operators, technicians and managers.
 simulation and optimisation of the work shifts.
 training your staff in the analysis
 follow-up of the new installation

Running information :

 Analysis of the internal situation and on your sites
 On site analysis, interviews, measures
 Analysis of the files, analytical cross-over of your CAMM information
 Graphic model of industrial flow, costs, lead times and time cycles.

Line improvement with LEAN example

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