Analysis of management information systems consultancy

Interests, objectives:
Identifty the potential gains in the fields: customer relation, supplier relation, internal process management.

This service answers the following questions:

- Which projects to undertake and their priority in relation to our development strategy? ERP,MES, WMS, EDI, CRM ?
- Where are the risks?
- What modifications would have to be made to my Information System? Would we have to change it?
- What link is there with data from existing automated systems? How can it be integrated to other systems and data bases?
- What is the absolute minimum necessary?
- Are the choices that have been made still valid?
- What organisation should be put in place?
- How can I develop my accounts with IT?
- What progress can be made with new IT?

Target businesses and sectors:
- All businesses: large accounts with a global transverse inter service view and small and medium accounts for a detailed view.
- Managing director and company manager, site director.

- Complete pre-analysis with support comments and analysis: installation of Information Systems,
- Development plan
- Written and spoken report with a detailed summary including all sectors of the business mentioned above,
- Complete pre-analysis with support of comments and analysis.

Running information:
- Preparation document sent to be completed 2 weeks before the first visit
- Study of the returned document
- Visits and interviews on site(s)
- Studies, reports
- Report back through a meeting.