Manage your inventory by location with your smartphone

Fast, light: the combination of several modules required for stock management. You save on a smartphone or Android terminal with integrated scanner the strick needed to know where your stock items are and what their value is.
You scan items in, move them around and check them out: you always know where they are and how many are left.

For the moment, a single-user version aimed at small businesses, soon to be multi-user networks.
Multilingual: the interface is available in French, English or German.

Based on the inventory management demonstration in our article Complete your sales management system for production, a small business can easily manage its barcode-tagged inventory with our mobile application, which consists of several independent modules:

  • inventory :
  • order reception
  • picking - shipping
  • location transfer
  • and stock status

if stock values by location and item or descriptions are required, the 6th module must be added:

  • import articles

The stock status is grouped for each movement in each module: entry, movement or consumption-picking. The final presentation and filtering of the information is done in the stock management module.

The stock status module enables complementary management of:

  • import a different stock situation (stock correction), either total or per bin/item pair
  • filter lines by item and by location, according to content in description, item code or location code
  • export results in universal csv format.

A VSE can therefore manage its inventories for :

  • trading for distribution
    and manufacturing/production :
  • raw materials
  • finished goods

Application part of a range of modular automated supply-chain management applications for VSE warehouses: other functions can complement this module: see common features Range of supply-chain management and traceability apps via barcode for camera scan or imager.

 license required per terminal per year: users can try out 30 days of limited functionality,

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