Reduce rejects, increase throuput of machines by TAGUCHI method

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In order to differentiate yourself from other low cost competition, you have to innovate and keep up with more and more complex production processes: for example, two-tone injection, adding inserts, or very small pieces.

You take risks on the margins as the rate of rejection and the shift patterns are not at the expected levels.

Give yourself the means to master them.

The notable improvement of these result indicators is linked to methods listed here:
- Experimental plans according to the TAGUCHI method,
as just using them is nothing if you do not have the competence and experience of adaptation and inter-usage of them, coupled with an experience of the processes themselves.

These methods can also be used in silicone injection, thermoplastic elastomer and in complicated processes such as: semi-conductors, paper making, printing, food, or any other process that incorporates a multitude of parameters. Presse injection

The experimental plans method helps to identify the main parameters to stabilize or intensify the result; the Taguchi method considerably reduces the number of trials needed to gain sufficient knowledge of the process and to forecast its reactions.

We have used these methods in several plastic injection processes and have described the results of one of them in detail:

The reject rate is leveled off and reduced from 7% to 5% in the whole of the factory in 2 months.

Other gains:
- reduction in time cycle: increase in output
- homogenization of the temperature
- accuracy in measurements
- mastering dilatation

The human factor should not be forgotten as even in the most highly automated procedures, it still plays a large role: participation of staff to regulate this improves the understanding of the methods installed.

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