Develop a service around your product Innovate by service: package your product with logistics!

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Interests and objectives:
- You stand out from the competition with more forceful marketing
- Maintain your margins, or even increase them
- Redefine your contracts: firm orders, open orders, stock production and just in time
- Become an invaluable partner to your clients: build loyalty
- Plan and organise your production and logistics (supply chain) according to the uncertainty of forecasts
- Improve your service rate and your cover of stocks.

This product answers the following questions:

- How to identify increased value services?
- How to go about putting in place high potential service logistics?
- How to elaborate an operational scenario with a product-service opening?
- How to ensure this offer is put in place: contract, offer, technical and computing means

Target businesses and sectors:
- Small and medium industrial enterprises.


  • A complete offer with a contract in less than 6 months!
  • Service ideas and a scenario to put them to work
  • A consultant to help you make professional offers to your prospective customers selling a service:
    • sales leaflet,
    • price offer,
    • logistical organisation,
    • modification of your CAMM.
  • Organisation of your Industrial and Commercial Programme and of your Production Director Plan

Example :
development of product stock availablity at the client (in "SMI" :Supplier Manager Inventory)

Operational information:

Product combining :
- marketing,
- technique,
- contract technique

During set-up:
6 months in 3 half day workshops each in 1 month to elaborate an operational scenario leading to a product-service offer,
+ 6 half-day coaching sessions on this method and its results.

Covered by training budget