Industrialize an electronic card fabrication line using LEAN methods

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A designer and producer of electric display boards, electronic urban and business newspapers, and display stands wanted to install a programming and testing line of electronic pilot cards for its new colour electric display boards.
Its director wanted to make sure that he had performing marketing organisation for this product to reduce its production and maitenance costs for his clients. He therefore called upon PRODUCTIVIX for their experience in this field, their LEAN methods, along with their analysis for ERP and their presence and guidance through to achieving the final results.

Working together with their teams for 4 months on the basic concepts of LEAN Production and Visual Management allowed them to obtain measurable results in profit levels in June 2007.

PRODUCTIVIX’s methods with a follow up over a few half days produced the following improvements:
- identify profits in terms of responsibility, time to resupply and delivery of the strategic stock components (€25k) through working with sub-contractors.
- design a line:

- that is fast and flexible
- with a time cycle objective of less than 10 minutes,
- that is visual and easy to use by all employees, even temporary, with quick training.

- cut the leadtime to 2 months from 5 by identifying design development faults
- develop visual training tools for the operators
- maintain traceability of the (electrical) components, programmes used, operators and operations and sub-contracted elements throughout the chain.

Improvement to ERP SAGE V14 is in progress to support these developments.

An extension of these methods is envisaged for the whole of production in the coming months.

The fundamental Lean Manufacturing principals used by PRODUCTIVIX:

- continued "KAIZEN" improvement: work happens in "Gemba" or "Genchi-Genbutsu" with the products
- try to achieve product quality
- allow a standard to be defined

In Japanese, the word "KAIZEN" means: small improvements involving everyone from director to worker using, above all, common sense.

The process is based on:

- small improvements made day by day
- but constantly
- at low cost
- involving everyone
- using common sense
- with a non-elitist character

For these reasons, it is necessary to have external guidance to be successful and to ground these methods