Android inventory application on smartphone - export to unique csv files

Inventory app by item barcode, per location with option to display designations. Cost effective version by scanning product barcodes from the camera of any Android smartphone or via the integrated imagers / embedded scanners of professional terminals.

Save time on the opening of your establishment by using a performance tool to inventory.

Export results on unique .csv files : mentioning the date and time of the export, the unique number of the device that performed the inventory operation.

How to make an inventory with our mobile application ?

Of course, all items must be labeled with a barcode item code.
If this is not the case, contact us for a mobile application to label your products.

Once all your items are identified, you can start an inventory.

The scan is done by the sighting image of the barcode in the camera : one press and it reads the code, adds a quantity 1 to the already scanned item or adds it in the list. On a professional terminal with integrated rapid imager, just press its adapted scan button.

For each item, you can adjust the quantity by increments of 1, or even delete the line.
Once a location is finished, we save it and move on to the next one.

Once the inventory is finished, the work is exported as a csv file. It is impossible to overwrite the previous file and you can put several smartphones in parallel by zones in order to go faster : the files will never have the same name, so no risk of overwriting files when consolidating the results by Excel or OpenOffice/ LibreOffice.

Zone inventory method by rotation, rotating inventories : in order to avoid having to inventory everything at once and to avoid closing the establishment to the public, and provided that the products of the same article code are in the same zone, it is possible to divide the establishment into zones. Each zone is inventoried one or more times a year.

Application part of a range of modular automated supply-chain management applications for VSE warehouses : other functions can complement this module : see common features Gamme d’apps de traçabilité et de gestion supply-chain code-barre par scanner intégré ou appareil photo.

 license required per terminal per year : users can try out 30 days of limited functionality,

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