Reducing and managing delivery times in textil the 22nd January 2008 in ECOBIZ GRENOBLE (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

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Broderies Deschamps have always placed themselves in the luxury brand sector. To maintain this position and this image, they have to deliver to their clients on time.<img15|right>

After noticing bad management of the delivery times, this business put in place specific actions to reduce the delays incurred in delivery.

William PIEDFORT, who worked with this company and who is a member of the Industrial Performance committee, the General Director of Broderies Deschamps and R. GAREL, Planning Manager would like to offer you the chance to witness the work carried out and the results it achieved.
Broderies Deschamps, has 60 employees and is based in Pontcharra sur Turdine, France. It specialises in the creation and production of luxury lingerie and embroidery.

- Presentation of the action plan and the key success factors,
effect of the actions on the company’s planning and organisation
- the modifications to the Information System
- personal accounts from the project pilots
If you would like a report of the presentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.