Issues of organisation in production & logistics solved

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You are:
- a big, medium or small business or industry
- industrial manufacturer, in production
- distributer, distribution, merchant
- in service industry,

You are looking for advice, simulation, a diagnostic, training, or coaching for:

- marketing
- reducing your costs, stocks, overheads
- improving your customer service: on time deliveries, communication.



- Market a new product
- Create a new service
- Conduct an analysis of the product’s functions to redesign / replan the product:
- Check process capabilities, and ways of measuring them
- Start up experiment plans and FMEA for products
- Reduce the number of product references and the slow personnalisation of the product
- Reduce guaranteed maintenance intervention on the client’s premises

Flow: stock in production, finished stock, lead times

- Improve your on time deliveries / service levels
- Map the industrial flow and reorganise the flow and shop floor
- Reduce lead times and time cycles
- Reduce your stocks (both finished and in production)
- Reorganise your factory and its flows
- Predict customer demand on production, create a Manufacturing and Sales Plan

Production and services
- Increase product and service quality
- Reduce waste / rejection levels
- Limit the number of employees, temps and investment at times of increased work load
- Reduce costs / prices and added value in each stage of production and distribution
- Increase machine performance - operators, motivation at work
- Increase management performance throughout the company - management coaching
- Put TPM in place (Method: Total Productive Maintenance)
- Increase performance and autonomy of workers (Methods: Lean Management, Kaizen)
- Reduce breakdowns (Method: FMEA)
- Reduce time taken between shifts (Method: SMED)
- Put in place action plans and performance indicators

- Evaluate financial assets (machines, buildings, studies, software, business)
- Identifity return on investment
- Re-industrialise an industrial site

In the case of a hand over for sellers and buyers
evaluate the business’s strengths and weaknesses, the potential profit, means, lead times, and action plans to meet them: participation in the evaluation of the business, follow up and carrying out of action plans: pre-sale and post-sale.

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