LEAN KAIZEN hands on training

Continuous improvement method for manufacturing industry, logistics and distribution.

Our method is based on a mix of Kaizen and LEAN Manufacturing (Just In Time production) combined with additional elements from our own experience.

KAIZEN is a Japanese management system which aims to improve performance continually, all the while comparing the production processes with reality and adding to them where necessary.

The principal characteristics of KAIZEN work places are:

- continuity through time: the method’s effects last for years after its intervention
- complete diagnostic and action plan are included in the fields of: planning, lead times, loading, capacity, start up, running, management, quality, rejections,
- modification of operations offering no added value,
- performance,
- return costs ,
- the whole supply chain is involved,
- involves collaboration of operators and management
- manages change,
- management by visual technique: little information, lots to see: less numbers encourages anticipation, decisions made according to results at the work station.

This product answers the following questions:

- reduce rejections and delays,
- increase customer service rate / on-time deliveries: advanced planning
- make everywhere look clean, reduce the necessary surface area: make space
- prepare for a move, site reconfiguration,
- limit increases in investment and workforce at times of additional work,
- run a workshop or logistics centre in a visual manner,
- rationalise items, staff, and information throughout the process
- install supply chain or industrial organisation changes
- reduce time cycles and shift periods
- reduce changeover times between shifts and teams,
- reduce outstanding discounted bills through the installation of push and pull flows,
- increase the OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness
- imrpove quality, safety, aesthetics

Target businesses and sectors:

- Any manufacturing or service business wanting to improve its output and performance in a lasting way by reorganisation and methodical supervision of the change;
- in production but also in product development,
- logisitics, order preparation
- administration,
- applicable to production companies using MRP, by order, or KANBAN
- Any business wanting to increase in value year on year

Results : Picking de petites pièces : mission Lean management

- Improvements: visible and lasting for years after our intervention

How it works:
- Training based on the 5S method in ten or so sessions about a month apart spread over 1 year. Complemented by tools and actions, depending on the situation, including those of Lean Hoshin,
- Recommended pre-requisit: to have put in place an example by Lean Hoshin

- field management by the MQP


- in production ;