Weekly distant consultancy

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Weekly distant consultancy is a useful complement during project development as it enables:
- to keep the project running during the initial planning stages
- revision of forgotten or uncompleted actions
- the return of an external expert’s in-put,
- the elaboration of alternatives to initially suggested actions.

In order to do this, it is necessary for us always to have a link with the same person: we call that person the "Pilot".

The Pilot:

  • Someone from your organisation who is essential to the production method, not necessarily management, not a shift worker, site based, or based at several sites if applicable.
  • The role:
    • Manage a project through the phases
    • Transmit the training and decisions from one team to another
    • Document the actions (e.g: tracking set-up, drafting of procedures)
    • Following and carrying out action plans
    • Preparing the reports for the Weekly distant consultancy,
    • The selection of the right person is essential, and they must be identified at each site from the beginning of the project.

Operating procedure for Weekly distant consultancy
- before Friday evenings, imperatively: The Pilot sends (by fax or e-mail) a status report of the action plan and an indication of the results, questions and queries,

- Consultant call at an agreed and reserved time on a Monday morning for a telephone meeting: feedback on comments and advice on the action plan and results, response to questions.
During this meeting, if necessary: shadowing your PC, with your control and presence, or on line training on your PC with our tools.