Traceability development engineer

William: mobile apps developper

Coding engineer, development of mobile applications for barcode or Rfid scanning, databases and front-end data restitution sites.

Expert in technical systems of barcode / rfid traceability.

His clients are large accounts as well as small and medium sized companies in France and abroad : 50% of turnover is export.
Affordable products and services for SMEs.

At the software development level: Full Stack - JavaScript, Java, React, React-Native

Passionate about technologies, mobile barcode and Rfid systems, he develops standard and custom applications for Android by functional modules that he reuses in several applications. He uses his experience in cryptography at Gemplus to propose authentication, traceability and trusted third party software systems at low cost to design proof systems. He creates databases linked to applications, linked to ERP like Dolibarr (Open Source) and websites (front-end) by API so that customers can retrieve their data (back-end). It hosts customer data and programs on its servers managed in France. The choice of terminals and Rfid chips adapted to the client is also a possibility. The means of updating and licensing are also developed in-house, so no Google Play: only professional and secure!
Develops its own native drivers for Android barcode scans for better performance and stability.

His past from employee to production manager, missions of recovery of factories, before 2002, date of creation of Productivix sarl :

Started when I graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 1986 with a study on TQM (Total Quality Management), quality circles, and manufacturing process improvement in a Schlumberger electronic board manufacturing plant. TQM was spreading from Japan to Europe at that time, well before it was formalized by ISO 9001.

Then he had positions in several service and production companies: MOORE PARAGON, SIEMENS, Schlumberger, GEMPLUS, HEWLETT-PACKARD in operational positions related to production, industrialization, methods and development: production manager, methods and engineering manager and transversal positions related to the choice and installation of production management systems for international sites, M. E.S., organization projects, personalization techniques for smart cards with or without contact, choice and financial calculations of return on investment for industrial equipment, and medium-term investment plans for the purchase and construction and recovery of industrial sites in France and abroad (Japan, Spain, Belgium, Germany).

His aspirations:

To concretely help SMEs / VSEs in their quality and trace performances and mobile digitalization

He can easily assimilate an industrial environment into financial and physical flows, or create a conceptual data model in computer science, have a sharp technical vision of industrial manufacturing processes, an aptitude for change management and management control, and the analysis of financial figures that allow him to guarantee the respect of the cost objectives of the projects undertaken.

He has also maintained a taste for staying on the cutting edge of technology and proposing solutions to his clients who use these technologies, especially mobile and rapid data acquisition.

20% of our time is spent on innovation:

  • development of additional modules for ERP systems: mobility applications
  • development of traceability and mobile barcode management systems with links to databases.


  • Engineer from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 1986,
  • DEA in integrated electronics,
  • ICG management graduate in 1995;
  • Full-stack JavaScript, React, React-Native by Le Réacteur in partial time between Sept 2021 and April 2022
  • Dashbords on MongoDB data base system
  • English : fluent; work abroad in English speaking areas,
  • German: good, with work experience in Germany.


  • former Court of Appeal expert between 2007 and 2017, categories (Lyon and Grenoble) :
    • Industrial Processes (E.6.3),
    • Information Systems - Implementation (E.01.04)

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