Expert in LEAN Manufacturing, productivity and traceability

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Expert in diagnostics of manufacturing and logistics performance, LEAN manufacturing methods. Clients range from multinational to small and medium sized businesses

His LEAN tools and methods are very practical, visual and easy to apply. They are particularly suited to a time-share set up and to addressing difficult and urgent situations.

He has pushed the diagnostic and innovation method away from the offer stage, as his reliable results enable him to be able to offer a package whereby he is paid according to the profit made from the conclusions drawn from the diagnostic. He makes use of his experience to follow business models and to visualise additional services that could be linked to the product.

William studied as an engineer in Lyon and has a degree in strategic management.
For the 15 years before 2002, he was employed in management and in the creation and turnaround of industrial sites in France and abroad (Japan, Spain, Belgium, Germany).
This was within several production and service industries (MOORE PARAGON, SIEMENS) as well as technological companies (GEMPLUS, HEWLETT-PACKARD) in operational posts linked to production and industry. He worked as a production director, held managerial positions in engineering and several posts linked to choosing and installing production management systems, MES and project management.

He can guarantee to work within the cost objectives of the projects he undertakes through his ability to model a financially sound industrial environment, his sharp technical vision of manufacturing industry processes, and his aptitude of managing in areas including change, economics and management itself.

In 2002, with two friends and colleagues, he created his business PRODUCTIVIX, based upon his expertise, experiences, and work methods and his passion for performance.

He has experience in collective JIT (Just In Time) programs with "ALFA" (EDI) and "E-Rhone-Alpes". In his role as Consular Delegate in the Industry Commission, he is involved in the selection rounds of Lyon’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry for performance of small and medium sized businesses.

He has been registered on the list of Legal Experts since 2007 with the Court of Appeal in Lyon for Industrial Manufacturing.


- Engineering at Lyon’s "Ecole Centrale" in 1986,
- Post-graduate study and qualification in integrated electronics,
- Diploma in ICG management 1995.

- English: Fluent; worked abroad,
- German: Very good, having worked in Germany.


Created PRODUCTIVIX Ltd in Lyon in 2002 - a consultancy business for service and manufacturing industry.

Previously employed with 15 years experience between 1987 and 2002 (see chronological CV) with experience in many different business sectors (production, IT projects, research and development, marketing). Capable of running global programmes that reorganise an activity to make them profitable in:

- large metal manufacturers, high-tech; Gemplus, Hewlett-Packard
- small and medium sized businesses or industries, subsidiaries of printing companies (reels and flat paper) : Moore, Tonnelier
- technology based industry: Schlumberger Mesures


- Registered on the list of Legal Experts with the Court of Appeal in Lyon, known as the "Industrial Manufacturing Conduct"
- Post-graduate trainer in Logistics at the College and University 1 and 2 of Lyon

SKILLS: advising and realizing advice / consultancy

Strategy, diagnostic

Redirection of companies in difficulty abroad: Belgium (9 months on site) and Germany (1 year of consultancy) Methodical diagnostic of several small and medium businesses following the LEAN JIT (Just In Time) method: methodical detection of profit
Creation of sites abroad as Joint Ventures: TOPPAN - GEMPLUS in Japan, LEMARDON – GEMPLUS in Australia Diagnostic of the organisation and production workforce of a factory in the former East Germany pending its take over by another large company
Analysis of product and service types: definition of offers and new profitable services to back up margins: smart cards and printers Propositions of commercial strategies, distribution or production, proposition of different business models, creation of new services: organisation, IT, drawing up contracts: plastics, textiles


Production management, team motivation, management of sites in France and abroad from 30 to 200 people with teams of engineers Cost reduction: analysis of the value of each stage of the supply chain (VSM method)
Motivation of improvement research groups analysis and proposition of different supply chains enabling direct and indirect cost reductions. BOLLE PRODUCTION (plastics), AEP (mechanics)
Designing special machines, benchmarking and production investment choices: MOORE PARAGON, TONNELLIER IMPRIMEUR, GEMPLUS: project manager, health card VITALE (new machine = 6 times faster than others at the time) Methods and marketing: methods of time reduction at start up (SMED), improvements in production speed, reduction in stoppage time; ACHARD & Co, BOLLE , MESSIER BUGATTI for Fast Turnaround Production Factories, which reduces production lead times by half
Putting in place TPM and LEAN models in several factories (printing, mechanics, smart card personnalisation), standardisation and definition of control tools currently in production Advice, training on the set up of LEAN methods in production and distribution: improvement of the OEE from 30% to 50% on production lines, assembly,order packaging and preparation, management methods and motivation of work groups
Organisation of high value and high security stocks, management of stocks and inventory under banking security norms Organisation of planning and of the following of production and performance: MICHELIN’s MQP (Daily Performance Management) method


Analysis of processes that are carried out but not sold: development of a complementary services tariff and a sales brochure Method of finding and defining a SERVICE that can increase the added value of a product: setting up order management and advanced stock - VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
Setting up stock on the client’s premises, installation of a despatch platform (printers and manufacturers) Study of site creation and re-marketing for order preparation: application of security norms, use of AGV manipulation (Auto Guided Vehicles) means, IT system, organisation
Design of different business models: at the start of a project creating a European network of "star" production sites at very low cost Advice in the organisation of different supply means, of standardisation of interfaces between client and supplier adapted to their lead times and structures and of on site maintenance service models
Analysis, standardisation, organisation and calibration of client-supplier links between industrial sites: preparation of a standard or personalised EDI

Management and IT

Organisation and manipulation of IT tools handling sensitive data files, using cryptography methods, such as SQL Models, calibrations and demonstrations of the ERP DOLIBARR (OpenSource), on line support, development of accounts

Expertise in numerical electronics and personalisation of smart cards / RFID
(smart-card): (GEMPLUS)

- Carry out specifications of data handling and tracking software, production interfaces and of the means and stages of production;
- Define the necessary security levels for the cards;
- Define the materials and configurations for personnaltion of multi-application cards - Multos, VSDC and Java;
- Knowledge of exploiting data from personnalisation machines: Datacard 7/9000 , Leroux MPR3000, et mise sous pli DC & Künnecke Mailok 6000 ;
- Use and organisation of secure personnalisation tools such as HSM (Host Security Module) RG7400 de Thales, personnalisation B0’V2, PROTON and Banksys (B) ;
- Security and organization diagnostic of a Turkish bank’s personnalisation centre;
- Diagnostics and organisation of physical security and data VISA standards & MasterCard (EMV) or GIE CB or BANKSYS (B); pre-audit certifications, EMV or GIE CB; security audits in Japan, Australia and Turkey

- Development of microprocessor cards
- Development of microchip RFID access drivers (symetric code), based on mainly Hitag S security tag (NXP/Philips)
- Use of symetric and asymetric encryption software
Develop in Windev