Type of mobile terminals, logistics, interactive scanning kiosks

Our added value in your traceability project with our custom developed software : the choice of the terminal adapted to your use and each trade, with speed and efficiency constraints and the adaptation of our applications to their ergonomics and possibilities.

We sell these families of terminals in the exclusive framework of our developments and software licenses

Typical hardened scanning terminals

these terminals with integrated scanner / imager (commonly called "zapette") exist from all manufacturers, with various characteristics : with hardened touch screen of several dimensions, with or without physical keyboard, with cradle, in "gun" or "palm" mode (in the hand flat), tilted reading head, all under Android now, in Wifi mode and some with 4G in addition, light, heavy, close or remote reading....
We do the research for you according to your desired ergonomics, application, budget and usage environment.

Terminal de scan en ergonomie palm ou gun
Scanning terminal in palm or gun form
4.3" touch screen, gun mode scanning (imager), induction charging (no contacts), Android

Commercial, light industrial terminals

These mobile terminals are designed for standard and versatile use with elaborate ergonomics and communications while maintaining the advantages of ease of use, durability and price. Our applications find a better ground to develop its new functions for synchronous or asynchronous mobile applications developed.

Mobile terminals for industry
These professional laptops are semi-hardened to ultra-hardened : that is, depending on their specifications, can fall on the ground, take the rain, "dive" a little under water : >= IP64 in technical terms.
Most of them can exchange data via 3/4G or Wifi and Bluetooth and can be used as a phone and a digital assistant as well as a scanner.
One of the typical application is for transport : Geolocate your parcel depots and inform your customers on mobile

Hands-free mobile terminals and rings

Bar code terminals worn on the arm, wrist, for logistics, hands-free picking, with a finger pointer (ring)

Utility of hands-free mobile scanning terminals

scan du bout des doigts
fingertip scanning
almost free hands: scan at the tip of the index finger, terminal on the forearm and why not the voice?

The "hands-free" mobile scanning terminal provides speed, productivity and error reduction for order pickers who have a list of orders to prepare in a counted and record time. The terminal is constantly available to remind the operator of the next package to be loaded on the pallet and allows him to scan the barcode of the picked product with his fingertip and enter the quantity on the keyboard or select the batch of the picked product.

Adding and integrating applications to hands-free terminals
Of course the terminal itself has the elements of an embedded computer and allows communication with servers and databases, but it is necessary to add applications to respond to the process requested from the operator.

We can now add voice guidance and voice acknowledgements.

We can integrate these hands-free terminals into your projects in our custom applications.

Features Hands-free terminal model Caracteristics
Honeywell Dolphin 75E with kit, light, more powerful, NFC, adapted screen, Windows or Android
Zebra WT6000 Android, voice ready, fast BT, made for hands-free in teams
Unitech WD200 Qualcomm® 660 110g with 2050mAh battery under Android 10, industrial resistance : 1.5m drop, IP67 ,4G, WiFi, NFC+ BT4, rechargeable, 3.1" screen, 13MP photo+flash
Features Scan Ring Model Caracteristics
Datalogic HandScanner HS7500 reads 1D and 2D, connected to the terminal by Bluetooth BLE, the smallest on the market to Nov 2020 - 2 distances : see below
Honeywell 8620 reads 1D and 2D from fingertips and is connected to the terminal by a wire
Honeywell 8670 reads 1D and 2D from the fingertips and is connected to the terminal wirelessly (BT)
Unitech MS652+ 1D, 2D, BT pairing (classic v2.1+BLE 4.2) + NFC, IP42, 2-finger mount, compatible with all Android >=5 and iOS tablets, 13h battery
Zebra RS5000 same as RS6000 but wired
Zebra RS6000 fingertip scan with Bluetooth reads in 1D and 2D (imager) has LEDs whose color can be programmed (among 6) to avoid looking at the screen in case of control for example - 2 models : standard distance + medium distance, according to the codes up to 2.6m

The HandScanner HS7500 is available in 2 versions :

  • "Standard range" close : between 10 and 80 cm / 3.9 to 31.5 inch, for Manufacturing, Sales and Medical
  • "Mid-range" scans between 30 to 150 cm / 11.8 to 59-inch perfect solution for Transport & Logistics : stocks, docks.

BT rings can all fit on consumer Android smartphones or tablets.

Hardened tablets with integrated scanner

We have several ruggedized tablets with integrated scanner / imager : in 8" or 10".

  • Tablets under Android on which we are developing,
  • Tablets running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Pro or Windows 10 Pro on which you can install most of your Windows 10 applications,
  • with standard or extended scope imager underneath, or standard imager on the side
  • multiple levels of hardness : 1.2m or 1.80m drops to concrete.
Tablettes avec scanner intégré Android ou Windows 10
Tablets with integrated scanner Android or Windows 10
the scanner/imager control is integrated in the handle in order to have a free hand

Windows 10 IoT enterprise is the logical continuation of the Embedded (embedded) Windows family. This version is particularly suited to run efficiently in x86 environments that are not necessarily part of the PC family. As this version is x86 compatible, it can accommodate almost all current desktop applications (Desktop or Universal Desktop - UAP). In addition, it is capable of running old applications that were created decades ago. There are two versions of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, namely a LTS (Long Term Support) composed mainly of security patches (ours) and a version updated regularly that follows the development of Windows 10.

KIOSKS for checks

Graphical terminals , POS touch screen wall or integrated, with hands-free scanner barcode, Rfid under Windows / Android for workshops, stores and distribution : medical environment, information, price verification or access control

Terminal type kiosque écran tactile pour point de vente ou atelier : délivre de l'info et vérifie le prix, interagit avec le client
Kiosk type touch screen terminal for point of sale or workshop: delivers information and checks the price, interacts with the customer

Applications :

  • Self-service kiosks : feature information, price verification, concierges, POS (Point of Sales), SLED or lot number, images, videos, music and sounds, for consumer or operator, example : Module vérification prix, infos sur bornes tactiles interactives/ RETRAIT CATALOGUE
  • "Web to store" offers with mobile applications that we know how to develop,
  • Authenticity verification,
  • Personal entry and exit, security control, access control,
  • M.E.S (Manufacturing Execution System), event, time, quality and work-in-process tracking.

Operating Systems and Kiosk Integration
Integration is done with a dedicated PRX-Mobile application, for example this application used in a GSB : Module vérification prix, infos sur bornes tactiles interactives/ RETRAIT CATALOGUE

Highly adaptable kiosks :

  • to scan barcodes (all fonts, configurable scanner) and display multimedia content such as text information, video, sounds and music (you can connect a headset or speaker on one of the USB ports)
    * link to databases : through the Wi-Fi connection, it can fetch information from database servers in relation to the barcodes, Rfid identifiers provided and display its information : DLUO, description, image, photo, video, soundtrack.

Kiosk market offer

Manufacturer Model name
Clientron PT6000
Unitech PC88
Zebra CC600
Zebra CC6000
Panasonic JS970
PosLab Ecoplus
PosLab EcoplusMini

RFID Terminals

Overview of frequency ranges and standards :

First of all a table of standards, layers and frequency ranges to talk about the same in RFID : see table in portfolio.

Important note !

These terminals Applications mobiles de collecte, suivi, lecture code barre pour production et livraisons are to be tested on a case by case basis : because there is no "wedge" delivered with the terminal and depending on what will be requested in the application.

Low frequency mobile terminals

Frequency range : 125.5 and 134.2 KHz

Uses :
 identification of near metals
 trees, forestry
 animal tracking, veterinarians.

High frequency mobile terminals

Frequency range : 13.56 MHz
3 Possible protocols / other names : distinguish the subcategories in the Rfid HF chips :
 Mifare  : ISO 14443 Type A (use in transport, security, identification, ticketing, payment,)
 NFC (Near Field Comm. : very close reading : 1cm) : ISO 18092 , ISO 21481, (ISO15693, Mifare Classic and Ultralight)= read and written by Kal, ECMA (European Computer Manufacturer Association) 340 NFC IP-1, ECMA 352 NFC IP-2+, ISO/IEC 14443-A compatible, FeliCa - we won’t put a list below : because almost all Android terminals (except guns) we sell are equipped with them and are supported by our developments and software.
 HF ’classic’ (library use, industry : reading between 10 and 50 cm depending on the reader) : ISO15693
If you have tags and don’t know : send us a sample for qualification test.

UHF Mobile Terminals (Ultra High Frequency)

Frequency range : ETSI (EU) 865.6 - 867.6 MHz or FCC/IC (US) : 902 - 928 MHz
Standards : ISO 18000-6C (EPC Class 1 Gen 2)

Uses :
 Retail, industrial, real estate inventory ;
Many of the offerings are in the form of "sleds" : guns with antennas that add to your current equipment and communicate via Bluetooth

Sled UHF fixé par quart de tour à un smartphone
UHF sled attached by quarter turn to a smartphone

We sell these terminals as part of our solutions

More on networks architectures : Architectures données PDA et impressions mobiles, interconnexions

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