GLOSSARY of computing, management and distribution terms

A basic glossary explaining some of the technical terms and abbreviations in distribution used on this site


TCO Total cost of ownership, expressed in € per user and made up of the sum of the costs of the project: licences, external training, users’ time spent in gauging needs, maintenance and updating of licences one year on, divided by the number of users (if the licences are granted per simultaneous user, then this reduces the TCO). TCO levels: <€1,500/user : excellent, between €1,500 and €2,500: fair, above €2,500: could do better!
ERP: Enterprise Ressource Planning made up of 3 big computing modules: CAMM, commercial management and analytical compatability
CAMM Computer Assisted Management and Manufacturing
MES Manufacturing Execution System
WMS Warehouse Management System
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
CRM Customer Relationship Management


ABM Activity Based Management
JSM Joint Supply Management
VMI Vendor Managed Inventory
CMI Co-Manages inventory
MultiPick Logistics system allowing collection from several different points of loading for just one delivery location
MultiDrop Logisitics system allowing loading to happen in one place for multi delivery points
Crossdocking Redistribution of a load for several means of delivery

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