Funding consultancy

Self-funding or grants?

There are a few ways of funding consultancy:
- self-funding
- state grants
- on the job training

A consultancy program is generally carried out in 3 phases:

  1. diagnostic: a phase where it is rarely possible to convert findings in to on the job training
  2. coaching and guiding, with the project leader
  3. training.

The quickest and most reassuring method for the client is the moment pinpointing the actions that are going to pay for the diagnosis and the coaching because
- there is a large return on the investment that becomes apparent at this point
- there is no need to ask and wait for a grant: the start up is immediate, depending on each party’s availability.

State funding:
Grants allow the client to enter in to a structure, defined by the funding body.
Since 2002, we have been listed as registered consultants.

The interest of a program lies in the exchanges with other businesses in the group.

Contact us to find out what programs are available: we will design your project accordingly and send you the order forms. We will get in touch with your local authority to see about any possibilities for funding.