Online support, demonstrate products and methods

In order to follow concretely your projects, or software installations according to your orders, with the most powerful methods without making you pay the displacement, we have at your disposal means with the point of technology.

Our means of remote support is a secure link via the Internet in order to :

  • support you online on your documents, your developments or applications without transferring them,
  • take control of your system in your presence and authorization.

This tool for support are used inside contracts in French or English :

We have chosen a simple and accessible solution, without installation so that :

partage écrans en support
partage écrans en support
  • You watch your screen reflecting ours in training, or we take remote control of your screen in your presence in support,
  • The use is simple, without problems, remaining protected by firewalls and routers,
  • The connections are absolutely safe, with the same security standard as https/SSL
  • You are present during the connection and keep control of your computer.

Upon receipt of your email or order, we will propose you an appointment. The connection number will be given in advance or by phone.

You can now test its functionality on your network :

You operating system /aim of the meeting Support  : hands on your PC Training / demos : access in visualization to your station, your presentation of your needs
Link to execute directly under Windows Support by Teamviewer 13 Client with VoIP Skype to "Productivix"


Meeting, demo with Voip on TW13

All Meeting, demo without Voip , support : new : Anydesk Skype to "Productivix"

We hope to help you soon !

demande de contact, email, devis
demande de contact, email, devis
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