Online support, demonstrate products and methods

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We have the latest technology & experience at your disposal, allowing you to continue
to follow your projects improvement performance clearly and demonstrate your most successful products and methods, without our permanent standing on site.

Our support method is a secure Internet link that: - gives you online
support for your documents and hardware without having to move them - with
your consent, takes control of your system in front of you. We have chosen to
work with Java because:
sharing screens

  • You can observe from your own screen while the consultant shadows you in training session or in support the engineer wil take control of your screen,
  • The process is simple and unproblematic as well as being protected by firewalls and routers
  • The connections are absolutely secure, and meet https/SSL security standards
  • You are present at the time of the connection and you keep control of your computer.

At your email reception, we will propose you an internet and phone meeting date with a connexion number to a meeting room. Then you will be connected to view the consultant’s screen as if he were close to you.

You can now test its funtionning on your machine and network :

You operating system /aim of the meeting Support : hands on your PC Training / demo
Link to execute directly under Windows Support by AeroAdmin without Voip
Support by Teamviewer8 Client with VoIP
Skype to "Productivix"


Meeting, demo with Voip on TW8

Link to execute directly under Mac (test before please) Aéroadmin up under Wine Skype to "Productivix"
Link to execute directly under Android Skype to "Productivix"


Meeting, demo with Voip on TW8

The tools for support are used inside contracts in French or English :
- support on a pre-paid time credit :

  • 5h
  • 10h
  • 20h

We hope to help you soon!

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