5S and flow reorganization in electronics manufacture

5 S : before - after

How to improve the manufacturing speed, room, comfort, company image for customer visits : exemple of a small size company in electronics and sheet metal. (about 30 persons)

Result : improvement of ration added value surface vs total surface from 21 to 32%

Pictures speaks in addition to data:

Before 5S Kaizen
Avant le 5S Kaizen
After the 5S Kaizen
Après le 5S-Kaizen

Extract of action plan :

Scheme of prenent flows Identify the bottle necks Factory plans, flows
Future workshops plans Identify the larges areas and flows 2 ideal plans
Action plan of modifications Working Meetings Evaluate the Surface with Added Value vs Total surface
Acquiring of 5S’ method 5S tools, 5S ligne conception basics training
Modification of site according to 5S rules : doors, walls More fluid factory flow Minimum request study
Installation of continuous improvment Method extension training 5S : indicator and method to let it stay in the team

Training Kaizen by 5S

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