How to install our KX-Mobile range applications

on terminals and smartphones

We can provide you with your generic or specific and professional mobile data collection application under Windows Mobile / CE / Phone 10 or Android : here is their common installation and update mode.

Description :

The applications of our KX-Mobile range are developed for :
terminals under the following systems :
 Android 4.4 and following versions.
 Windows Mobile,
 Windows CE 4 and higher,
 Windows 10 PC or IoT

which have online and off-line (synchronous or asynchronous) connections on a Windows gateway (PC, server), reachable by the terminals via a network.

Principles : simplicity and efficiency

Mobile applications have a reputation for being complicated to install and use.
We have endeavoured to make useful applications, simple to use, simple to configure and maintain, that require no computer skills to install or use : just the ability to copy and unzip.

Even the synchronisation of dates and times with your server is automatic so that the data collected by your services is not distorted.

This has required investment in development and infrastructure, including a licence and application server, which delivers licences and online updates for these applications without the use of Google Play services, and is therefore highly confidential.

Licenses and updates :

Most of these applications are available on a trial basis before purchase :

  • free download, access to documentation and installation forums,
  • tests : limited either in duration or in the number of recordings exchanged.
  • the licence becomes fully active after payment,
  • terminals need to be connected to the Internet network so that licences can be activated and checked, and updates can be loaded and installed.
     the licences are limited in the time following your purchase and are specific to one terminal, which gives the possibility in the event of breakage or loss to activate the licence for the remaining time on a new terminal of your choice.

Add a KX-Mobile application
With or without licence :

  • under Android,
    • from your Android : come to this page and download the apk file that is linked in the email in response to the form - There is no other download source on Google Play for example..,
    • or fill in on your PC and get the apk that you place under the "Download" folder on your smartphone.
    • in the security settings of your Android phone, tick "unknown sources" (allow installation of software from unknown sources" (after installation, you can then come back and uncheck it)
    • go with the file explorer under the directory "Download" or "download" : there is the apk : click on it to install it. It only requires permission to use the camera and is guaranteed virus-free.
    • If you use the wifi of your company network, open the ports between 8000 and 9600, otherwise use your 3G.
  • under Windows CE /Mobile, delivered in .exe (total request for 40 to 50 MB of available space) :
    • create a different directory under the root of the terminal
    • place the received .exe under this directory,
    • launch the exe, it decompresses the first time the files
    • the following times launch the .exe by putting a link to this .exe
    • this is the simplest method, but if it blocks, it means that you don’t have enough free space : either you make some, or you add an SD memory card, or you go to the second method below if available, and if not : you call us, we will probably be able to generate it for you.
  • under Windows CE /Mobile, delivered in a directory (requires less than 20 Mb) :
    • if this is the first app : unzip on your PC and copy the whole Kalipso directory to the root of the terminal.
    • If you are adding an app, go down to the system directory of your terminal, then under the "Kalipso" directory, add (by copying) the application name directory (ex : "inventory04") under the "Kalipso" directory of the terminal.
    • Launch KClient, then the new application and configure it if necessary.

Starting applications on the terminal :

  • Android : the installed application is under the "applications" section : just click on it.
  • Windows : click under the directory on "KClient" : and then on the application icon.

Terminal settings :

-* Android : the installed application is under the "applications" section : just click on it.

Generally speaking : the interface consists of :

  • a welcome menu : access to the application functions described in the application-specific documentation, including data transfer to and from your data gateway, configuration and licence indicators.
  • a "Config" configuration menu ("hamburger" in the top right-hand corner) which gives access to items such as configuring communications (address and port of your data gateway), checking the validity of your licence, checking and installing updates or different, or application parameters.

Updates to mobile applications without Google services

With a license and connected to the network, updates are automatic or semi-automatic by the application (push-button).
In test, therefore without licence, just unzip the new version then :

  • under Android, copy the .apk on the terminal and reinstall,
  • under Windows : go to the system directory of your machine, then to the "Kalipso" directory, go to the directory of the application name (e.g. "inventory04"), copy and replace the 3 files (.KDB, .kim, KPR) on the machine.
  • Restart and set the application on the machine.

Individual licence requests

Licence requests are made from the terminal on which the application is installed, as the terminal identification number is unique and is given by the application.

Ecran de demande de licences KX-Mobile
KX-Mobile License Request Screen

Once you have filled in your name, telephone number and email address (please be sure to fill them in so that we can link this request to the payments received), and your terminal connected by Wifi or 3/4G simply press the "Request Licence" button.

Licence requests by SIRET : Licence requests by SIRET : Licence requests by SIRET :.
The licences per establishment are to be requested by email / telephone depending on the software chosen.

Licence installation :

Once the request has been made, the licence paid for, you get a message on your email that the licence is available.

As with the licence application, simply connect the terminal via Wifi to a gateway open on the web or in 3G and start the application : the installation of the licence takes place without any intervention. If the application is started, go to "Config" then "License check" : this is also automatic.

A clear message informs you that the licence is valid.
In addition, on the home screen of your machine : you will have the following changes :
 a unique ID number,
 the boxes "licences" and "SHIFT" ticked (except if the licence is for use without updates).
 the number of days remaining to use the licensed application.

It is only necessary to connect the terminal afterwards intermittently, at least once a week, already to synchronise your data and put them in a safe place, unless you redo an installation or update.

Updates :

When your license is activated, and online via Wifi, you will automatically get the latest update from our license server. You must ask your administrator to open the ports between 8000 and 9600.

Then, everything is automatic : nothing to do.

Android smartphone setup to develop a mobile application on Kalipso Studio

Here are a few guidelines for setting up your Android smartphone to develop and test the mobile applications made by KALIPSO STUDIO.

1. make the settings in the previous paragraph ’INSTALLING A supplied APK’.
2. Under the "SETTINGS" menu :
a. go to developer :

  • Go to "About Phone" and search for "Build Number" -* Go to "About Phone" and search for "Build Number".
  • tap "Build number" 7 times until it tells you that you are a developer.
  • go back up and go under the "Option for developers" menu (which did not exist before the previous operation)
  • tick :
    • do not switch to standby when charging or "stay on".
      USB debugging"
    • "USB debugging" :
      Then once connected via USB, the smartphone must have at least these two indications :
      "USB debugging enabled" and "Connected as a multimedia device"

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