Limit typing errors, handling, save time, obtain proof of quality

Our contributions in mobile traceability and production organization

 we develop on the most recent technologies (smartphones or scanner terminals) your business mobile application + front-end web site (back-end + database) for data collection, management, traceability with barcode scanning, labelling

 we advise you on changes in your organisation


  • stock and delivery management information system
  • authentication of people, control of goods
  • productivity in manufacturing, maintenance and delivery.

    We sell with our software terminals and barcode / RFID printers, ERP hosting.

SMIs, SMEs, couriers, health, e-commerce, communities :
 avoid data manipulation, collect statistics,
 make form entries more reliable and secure,
 increase quality and efficiency, rotation of recyclable packaging, reduce lost tools,
 save time,
 and provide proof of service.

Our last realisations

PDA data and mobile printing architectures, interconnections

Explanation of the different possibilities of connecting smartphones, Android PDAs to databases and printers in mobility, network connections in (...)

Type of mobile terminals, logistics, interactive scanning kiosks

we choose for you and integrate barcode scanning terminals for each use and each business, with constraints of speed and efficiency, (...)

Application for calculating the service rate and recording shipping dates

PKI OTD easy: mobile software to capture the start of the order and its promise and have the service performance of the day, week, month and (...)

Geolocate your parcel depots and inform your customers on mobile

set of mobile applications for transport tracking: barcode tracking of parcel drop-offs, geolocation of daily or nightly parcel (...)

Scanning of item consumption on order, OCR inter system link

mobile application for scanning articles by barcode, raw materials consumed from a stock management system (Dolibarr or other) on orders from a (...)

Complex mobile inventory applications on Android

for SME, SMI inventorists, fast and easy to use scanning executables of complex inventories on hardened terminals or Android smartphones, barcode (...)