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Your concerns:
At little cost:
- Reduce costs,
- Deliver to your clients on time
- Reduce leadtimes
- Reorganise production lines
- Prepare the movement of a site
- Put in place measuring indicators,
- Manage visually, without IT
- Improve the OEE and the customer service rate
- Reduce rejects,
- Reorganise the processes
- Involve all staff, management and team leaders
- ...

Our mission:
- To rapidly detect and study progress sources
- To accompany you and motivate your staff to obtain measurable progress in the basics of progressive Lean Manufacturing TPS,
- To offer you practical help and advice in gaining the ISO 9000 certification

What is LEAN ?

Our approach:

- If you do not know all your business’s potential sources of profit:
Identify the sources of profit through LEAN in the business

- If you identify that an improvement can be made in production or in logistics / the supply chain:
Make a process value map by "VSM"

- As a conclusion of these actions, we carry out an action plan which includes:

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Advantages and feedback on the experiment with the Lean based method in:
- Industrialization, engineering,
- Flow: in production, lead times, stocks
- Production and services,
- Distribution.

The Toyota model, known as "TPS" (Toyota Production System) is the worldwide reference point for LEAN organisation just in time methods and is our base point for methodological work.

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