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Training can be given on site (inter-company) or via the Internet, depending on the programme. It is accompanied by action plans which enable our clients to apply the principals they have learned.

This section contains all the training offered as standard, but can be adapted to fit a company’s specific requirements.

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Training based on LEAN principals, doubled up with specific actions and coaching on the shopfloor and in offices

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  • Cost Calculations Training Course

    by Liz Cox

    This training exercise relating to your products or services answers the following questions:
    How to work out a product or service cost ? What is to be added or excluded ?

  • "Lean" Game : Training

    by Liz Cox

    Construct 20 cars in record time with the minimum staff and stock! Assess by yourself the Lean rules with 4 educational scenarios.

  • Daily Management for shop floor team leaders

    Dynamic and visual management method giving operators and team managers the chance to guarantee daily performance and continuous improvement .

  • "5S" training for team autonomy

    Training objectives:
    instil in the production team an autonomy of daily problem management.
    Description, principal contents
    Explanations and method in 10 phases to obtain the goal and the meaning of the "5S’s":
    SEIRI / SORTING: Get rid of everything that is not of use in the work place and (...)

  • Manufacturing and Sales Plan and MPS (Master Production Schedule)

    Improve customer service rate / rate of on time deliveries

    Optimise production capacity, logistics or available service

    Understand the impact of strategical and tactical planning processes on performance of Production, Purchases and Customer Service.

    Know how to put in place an efficient process

    Learn how to establish forecasts

    Know how under all circumstances to establish and maintain a stable production plan.

    Know how to calculate how much can be sold

    Apply the right management practices of the Manufacturing and Sales Plan process and build your own decision tool in Excel or any ERP;

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