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Your concerns: At little cost:

Production :
- Reduce costs,
- Deliver to your clients on time
- Reduce leadtimes
- Reorganise production lines
- Prepare the movement of a site
- Put in place measuring indicators,
- Manage visually, without IT
- Improve the OEE and the customer service rate
- Reduce rejects,
- Reorganise the processes
- Involve all staff, management and team leaders
- ...

Stock :
- Reduce your storage costs, and back-up stock levels
- Reduce your stocktaking regulations
- Optimise a platform, organise and automate
- Put Kanban in place as well as container management in closed loop system
- ...

Order preparation / picking:
- Reduce your rate of recall and error, improve your on-time deliveries
- Increase the number of packages / lines per hour per person
- Manage shopfloor tasks and picking and stock replenishment by Voice Picking, AGV, RFID,
- Move and improve a picking centre
- ...

Our objective :

analyse the problem origin, provide your team with on-hand training focused on the solution needed, avoid generalities.

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